Seoul National Univ. Sound & Vibration Lab.
The sound and vibration(S&V) laboratory at SNU was established on March, 1997. After Advanced Automotive Research Center (AARC) was built on June, 2004, we started to actively utilize AARC facilities and equipment to conduct our researches focused on NVH automotive engineering. So far, we have been constantly promoting the industry-academy cooperation projects to carry on our researches.
In this respect, our lab has exceptionally enhanced the reputation of SNU and we are still contributing extraordinarily as evidenced by publications, citations, and other criteria in this field.

Research Area
· S/W for Sound Insulation System
· Acoustical properties
· Analysis of noise transfer characteristic
· Hybrid CAE/CAT
· Vibration control of engine mount system

Completed Research Projects
- A Proposal for Reduction Method of Structural Noise Radiated by Dash Panel of a Passenger Car. (Hyundai & KIA Motors, InC.)
- A/V System Driving Component Noise Analysis and Design Support. (Hyundai MOBIS, InC.)
- A Study of Air-conditioning outdoor Condenser Noise Reduction. (LG Electronics, InC.)
- Front Sub frame Optimization for Reducing the Interior Noise. (Hyundai MOBIS, InC.)
- Body Stiffness Optimization Technique Development. (Hyundai Motors)
- Hybrid NVH Modeling Technology Development by Utilizing the CAE/CAT Integrated Technologies. (Hyundai Motors)
- The Improvement of Analytic Reliability for Acoustical Materials. (Hyundai Motors)
- Suspension Improvement for Reducing the Road Noise. (Hyundai MOBIS, InC.)
- Development of a Technique for Prediction of Vehicle Interior Noise Using the Air-Borne Noise Path Analysis. (Doosan Infra Core)
- Establishing the System Analyzing Techniques to Mimic the Object Sound. (Hyundai Motors)
- The Vehicle Sound Pressure Estimating Techniques by Using the Body Input Point Stiffness Control. (Hyundai Motors)
- Noise and Vibration Source Identification Analysis of Food Scrap Disposal Machines. (Woongjin Coway, Inc.)
- Noise and Vibration Source Identification Analysis of Water Purifiers. (Woongjin Coway, Inc.)
- A Study on Creep Groan Noise in the Aspect of Vehicle System. (Hyundai MOBIS)
- Noise Source Path Structure Analysis and Design Solutions of C-EPS. (Mando, InC.)
- Noise Transfer Characteristics and Solutions for Air-conditioner Booming Noise in Vehicle. (Halla climite control)